The Urban Group at the Department of Geography and Spatial Planning (DGEO) at the University of Luxembourg is pleased to announce that the
30th conference of the International Network of Urban Research and Action (INURA) 
willafter two years of physical distancing(!)—take place face-to-face in
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
June 25 - June 29, 2022 
Full of surprises and paradoxes, participants of INURA 2022 can look forward to tours of Luxembourg City (June 25, afternoon) that aim to show the range of challenges and contradictions that constitute this urban space—a small state, city-state, multilingual sovereign nation, European capital, financial capital, international business hub, and cross-border (sub)urban region.
2022 is also a special anniversary year of INURA, celebrating 30 years of meeting and 32 years research and action.  For this, we invite you to join us for two-day Anniversary Event (June 26/27) full of lively discussions addressing urgent urban issues as social spatial injustice and inequality, infectious disease, climate crisis, housing exclusion, perpetual uncertainty, and authoritarian aggression. Organized in co-operation with the INURA Common Office in Zurich and the ETH's Department of Architecture (D-ARCH), confirmed discussants include:
Tino Buchholz (Institute of Urban Planning and Design, University of Stuttgart), Laura Colini (Tesserae Urban Social Research), Michael Edwards (the Bartlett School of Planning, University College of London),   Ute Lehrer (Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change, York University),  Roger Keil (Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change, York University), Philippe Koch (ZHAW School of Architecture, Design and Civil Engineering), Marvi Maggio (Confederation of Grassroots Committees, Region of Tuscany), Jorge Peña Diaz (Urban Research and Action Group, Technological University of Habana), Kacper Pobłocki (University of Warsaw),  Mariia Pristupa (V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University), Jennifer Robinson (Department of Geography, University College of London),  Marit Rosol (Department of Geography, University of Calgary), Christian Schmid (Department of Architecture, ETH), João Tonucci (Center for Development and Regional Planning, Federal University of Minas Gerais), Richard Wolff (former member of Zurich Municipal Council),  Tammy Wong (Sociology, ETH) and screenings from both Spectacle Productions and TUNi Productions.

INURA also seeks contributors to either the Anniversary Event (June 26/27) and/or Retreat (June 28/29), who would like to prepare a 10-15 minute presentation (format is your choice) and talk about the actions they have taken and/or the urban projects they are involved in. A diverse set of topics addressing concrete examples in urban activism, politics, rights to the city, and social justice is welcome! Email your proposal by May 8 to:

This is the official conference website. Stay tuned to this for updates and more information.

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