INURA 2020 in Luxembourg is postponed until June/July 2022 due to COVID-19.
For 2021, a series of online events will be organized by the INURA Common Office in Zurich.

The Local Organising Team in Luxembourg together with the INURA Anniversary Group and the INURA Retreat Group announce, with deep regret, that the 30th Annual Conference of INURA conference must be postponed. It cannot reasonably be expected that the global virus crisis will be over in June and that everybody will be able to travel safely to Luxembourg.  An inclusive international conference is impossible. The conclusion was reached that the best solution is to postpone the conference for one entire year until June/July 2021. The Luxembourg Local Organising Team will announce a precise date soon. Questions? Feel free to write to
We thank everyone for their patience and support. Stay well!

Small State, Big Transitions
the 30th Annual Conference of INURA, the International Network of Urban Research and Action, Luxembourg 2021

The Urban Group at the Department of Geography and Spatial Planning at the University of Luxembourg  is pleased to announce the 30th annual conference of INURA, taking place in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Full of surprises and paradoxes, participants of INURA 2020 can look forward to an exciting set of tours (June 19, 20) that aim to show the range of challenges and contradictions that constitute this urban space — small state, city-state, multilingual sovereign nation, European capital, financial capital, international business hub, and cross-border (sub)urban region2020 is also a special anniversary year of INURA, celebrating 30 years of research and action. Organised in co-operation with INURA and the ETH Department of Architecture, anniversary celebrations (June 21, 22) with confirmed speakers,

Laura Colini (Tesserae Urban Social Research), Jorge Peña Diaz (Urban Research and Action Group, Technological University of Habana), Michael Edwards (The Bartlett School of Planning, University College of London), Maria Kaika (Urban Planning, University of Amsterdam), Roger Keil (CITY Institute, York University), Ute Lehrer (Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University), Marvi Maggio, (Confederation of Grassroots Committees, Region of Tuscany), Libby Porter (Global, Urban, and Social Studies, RMIT University),  Jennifer Robinson, (Department of Geography, University College of London), Marit Rosol (Department of Geography, University of Calgary), Christian Schmid (Department of Architecture, ETH), Erik Swyngedouw (Manchester Urban Institute, University of Manchester), and video screenings from Spectacle Productions.

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